Do you want to create a place where friends and family gather around to play games & enjoy beautiful weather?

If so, it’s time to consider outdoor fire pits!

A backyard fire pit makes the most of your time outside by offering a comfortable meeting place when the sun is low. It’s a natural gathering space that adds elegance to your overall property.

While a fire pit is a lovely component of an entire backyard sanctuary, if it is not placed properly, it may also be dangerous.

These suggestions will enable you to design fire pits in Perth as the centrepiece to add beauty to your backyard.

1. Choose the Right Location

The location of the fire pit should be one of your first considerations when thinking about installing one in your yard. It’s crucial that you pick a location that works well for entertaining and is at least 10 feet away from your home, any big trees, and any fences. There should be no low-hanging foliage in the area above where the fire will be ignited. Avoid placing the fire pit area next to any tall grass because nothing surrounding it should be flammable. Don’t construct a fire pit on a slope, and make sure the terrain is level.

2. Design Fire Pits with Height in Mind

Your fire pit’s height and circumference are important aspects that require your attention as well. Building fire pits too high is a typical mistake made by do-it-yourself people and even landscapers who haven’t built many of them.

Keeping the fire contained and preventing logs or embers from rolling out is often done to make the fire pit safer. The higher fire pit becomes less safe as a result of the kids having to stoop over to roast their marshmallows.

3. Choose Either Portable or Permanent

Fire pits come in a variety of sizes and shapes. You must choose between a portable and a permanent fire pit once you’ve established that having one is legal where you live.

Many different hobbies benefit greatly from portable fire pits. Having a portable fire pit is useful whether you’re tailgating at the big game, going camping with friends for the weekend, or going to the beach for a bonfire. Additionally, you can move it about your home.

Any backyard would benefit from having a permanent fire pit, especially if you host most of your gatherings at home. If it’s well-designed and enhances your architecture and landscaping, it can also increase the value of your entire home.

4. Don’t Overlook the Right Size

A fire pit’s size should be carefully considered for a variety of factors. Making sure it stands out enough in your yard without getting in the middle of the flow is important. However, if it’s inadequate, it might not be the ideal location for a huge group.

Consider carefully what you will mostly use your firepit for and base your choice of size on that.

5. Review Safety Concerns

In addition to ensuring that your patio fire pit is free from any existing structures, it’s crucial to ensure that it is situated or constructed on level ground.

A metal screen is necessary if you’re utilising a wood-burning fire pit to help manage sparks and ash.

To avoid being a nuisance, keep it away from large walkways and paths and away from trees or plants that may overhang.


Taking into account these suggestions will give you confidence that your fire pit may be enjoyed by everyone without any questions or worries.


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