The Goblet Cast Iron Fire Pits

Fascinate your guests with a Goblet of Fire moment! The goblet cast iron fire pits are unique and have a cultural reference to them. If you are on the lookout for home decor pieces that are functional and aesthetic, then this masterpiece is a must-have. Built with care and expert craftsmanship, this fire pit can roast marshmallows and cheese.

It comes with a sturdy stand that supports the pit. It has adequate depth, allowing for more wood to be added, which ensures that the fire burns long enough, so you don’t have to worry about constantly adding fuel. The semi-sphere design also acts as a safety feature. The pit can be tilted when the wind blows to prevent flares from erupting. The pit can instantly enhance any backyard decor. Additionally, you can add pebbles around the fire pit or move it close to a seating area to enhance the aesthetics.

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  • THE GOBLET + FREE Fire Poker
    This fire pit is versatile because of the fact it is a perfect half sphere. It has a good depth to it so you can get quite a lot of wood in it and have a good size fire. Because it is a half sphere, it allows you to tilt the bowl at an angle, so if the wind picks up, then it can be tilted away ...
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