The Smokeless Fire Pit

Having shared backyard walls will no longer stop you from hosting campfire nights, thanks to the smokeless fire pit. Made with superior-grade stainless steel, the inferno design makes the fire pit smokeless. You won’t have to remove residuals once the gasoline has burned completely. Because of its small size, it may be placed in the background virtually anywhere. This is an absolute must for those who value quiet evenings at home.

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The inferno pit from Unique Fire Pits is a must-have for relaxing with family and friends over a fire without worrying about creating pollution. The pit is made to resist corrosion even in the most severe weather conditions. Because oxygen can flow to the fire, the smoke is much reduced, so you can relax and enjoy the experience. Its double-walled construction aids combustion and is an unusual design choice. The side vent holes ensure complete combustion of firewood.

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  • Inferno Smokeless Fire Pit + FREE Cooking Grill & Carry bag
    No one wants to constantly dodge campfire smoke and have their clothes and hair smell for hours after. Strategically placed holes in the double-wall structure draw in air from the bottom and feed the heated oxygen to the top, resulting in a spectacular secondary burn. The best part? Nearly no smoke and minimal ash left to clean!
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