BBQ Resting Grill / Hotplate

Resting steak right after it has been cooked is advice every chef gives to a cooking enthusiast. It helps juices get reabsorbed and redistributed within the meat, enhancing its taste and texture. Unique Fire Pits’ BBQ resting grill/hotplate is made with high-quality material, making it the perfect platform for resting meats and vegetables before being served.

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A resting plate is perfect for your steak, sausages, and grilled vegetables before being served. Unique Fire Pits’ resting grill plate is made with high-quality material and expert care. The resting grill comes with a carry bag that can be taken on camping trips.

The resting grill can also be used as a side tray to prepare the ingredients or utensils. It is a great accessory as it allows the cooked items to cool down before they are cut into pieces and served. Notably, the resting grill is easy to clean and will last years with minimum maintenance.

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