Fire Pit Ember Screens

Our ember screens are a must-have accessory for your fire pit set-up. Crafted to perfection and available in various sizes, these screens are the guardian angels that prevent injury and fire from happening. Made with heat-resistant material, these screens prevent embers from leaving the fire pit while capturing the mesmerising flames. The extra layer of comfort and style is a safety net while relaxing and enjoying the outdoors and the beautiful fire pit.

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Crafted with experience and precision, these screens offer the perfect solution to keep embers away while relaxing with family and friends. The screen allows one to appreciate the captivating glow of the burning wood and coal without worrying about getting embers everywhere. These screens offer impeccable peace of mind while meeting your guests’ needs.

Investing in an ember screen is a smart choice homeowners can make any day. Whether you are roasting marshmallows or having a quiet evening catching up with your friends, our screens keep embers at bay. They also take the hassle out of putting the fire pit away, as covering it reduces the chances of inflammable materials catching the flames.

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  • Ember Screens
    The ember screen will ensure protection against any spitting timber or flying embers should the wind decide to pick up
    From $60
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