The best way to use a corten steel fire pit is to have it set up in your outdoor space so everyone can enjoy it. However, if this is not an option, there are still ways to make the most of your outdoor fire pit. The iron is then subjected to a process known as corten steel. These heat treatments give them their distinctive color and patterning. High-quality steel can withstand high temperatures without melting or softening if the steel is strong enough. This means corten steel fire pits are some of the strongest and toughest fireplaces you can own.

Set Up in a Way That Maximizes Its Destructive Heat Potential

When building a corten steel fire pit, you’ll want to ensure that it’s set up to maximize the fire’s destructive power. This means that the grate, coals, and wood should all be set up to concentrate the heat into a smaller area. You should pay special attention to the size of your fire if you want to keep the entire family or friends warm. If you’re unsure where to start with this, use our 5-building-families-in-5-seconds calculator to help you out. After entering the necessary information, you’ll be prompted to choose which building will be the center of the fire.

Avoid Overheating

One of the biggest mistakes new fire pit owners make is putting the lid on the fire pit too soon. Once the fire is lit, you want to leave it alone! This is because the fire’s heat will continue to rise and expand within the pit, causing the fire to smolder and spit. This is not a good thing. A fire pit must be allowed to reach its set temperature, usually around 200 degrees. Once this temperature is reached, the pit is said to be “ready” to be used. The process of “pre-vegging out” the fire is overthinking it.

Set Up With a Coal Sack to Prevent Flare-Ups

When setting up a corten steel fire pit, you must remember that it’s a slow, steady burn. This means you want to avoid sudden movements that could upset the coals and spatter. Use a coal sack to prevent this. A coal sack is a metal bucket with a lid filled with coal. The idea is to allow the heat from the fire to build up without having to open the lid and risk spatters and burning coal. When setting up a fire pit, place the coals in the bottom of the pan and then screw the lid on. This will ensure a steady, predictable heat source for your guests.

Use Wood Chips to Help Retain the Heat

One of the best ways to help retain the heat from a corten steel fire pit is wood chips. Wood chips naturally contain moisture which is what causes them to smolder. By keeping these damp and allowing them to smoke in the pit, you’re ensuring that there’s less moisture inside the grate and less chance of it getting out during flare-ups. Once the fire is out, you can either pour or use the remaining liquid for another fire. This is one instance in which planning and forethought will save you from having much extra trouble in the future.

Experiment with Wood Size and Shape

One of the best things about a corten steel fire pit is that it can be shaped exactly how you want it. You can create different configurations by using different-shaped wood chips to build a fire. This can create a wood-burning fireplace, a wood-burning convection oven, or even an outdoor wood-fired coffee maker. The possibilities are almost endless! Once you’ve figured out the shape and size of your fire pit, the rest is up to you.

Wrap Up

The Corten fire makes the outdoor area look beautiful. Its sturdy construction, decorative design, and ability to produce flames without burning your fingers make it a perfect addition to your backyard, front yard, deck, or patio.

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