While designing the fantastic dream home, we never fail to add an excused outdoor fireplace, isn’t it? And why shouldn’t we? It provides us with a fantastic ambience with a tiny aesthetic touch to all those cold evenings we are going to spend with our friends and family in that outdoor space.

The popularity of fire pits in Sydney is high in the sky because it adds a class and soothing vibe to the winter evenings. However, it is pretty dangerous as it could lead to unfortunate accidents if the fire pit safety rules are not followed thoroughly. Thus, to make your evening fancier and safe, here are some of the safety protocols that you must follow when around the Fire Pits:

Safety Rule 1

The placement of fire pits is the key to perfect fire pit preparation. So, you must place it over an even surface and at least 10 ft away from anything which could catch fire like trees, houses, furniture, garden, household stuff, seating arrangement, etc. In addition, you must also take care of the vertical spacing of your fire pit and place it away from tree branches or patios.

Safety Rule 2

Once the placement is complete, you should follow specific rules while starting the fire. First, check the direction of the wind, and it is advised to avoid starting the fire if the wind is high-speed. If you are doing it in heavy wind, there are chances of burning the nearby things. In addition, do not use fuels like kerosene or gasoline to burn the wood as it could get out of control.

Safety Rule 3

It is advised to keep an eye on the fire pit continuously once it is started, as leaving it unattended could lead to uncertain events. Also, it will be wise not to throw unnecessary products into the fire pit as it could release harmful chemicals into the air and cause irritation.

Safety Rule 4

If you are not a master in fire pits, you must first learn to prepare and handle the fire pit once it’s started. They have a dedicated process and demand constant attention, so if you are going to be driven by the fun vibes, then it’s best to hand over the responsibility to other individuals or create shifts to guard the fire pits.

Safety Rule 4

Never wear loose-fitting or any such clothes that can catch fire when around the fire pit. Remember, even after choosing the best fire pits in Sydney and maintaining all the safety rules mentioned above, you can still have sudden fire accidents. Thus, it is advised to be prepared with buckets of water and another first aid kit in case of emergencies.

Bottom Line

You know everything about the different safety rules to adhere to around the fire pits. We hope you find it informative and helpful for your next outdoor event on those chilly winter evenings. The safety of our readers is our priority! Happy Evening.

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