Are you thinking about putting a fire table, a grand fireplace, or a fire pit in your backyard? Nothing beats an outdoor fire feature to warm up gatherings in the spring and summer or to ward off the chill of fall or winter evenings.

But before you instal a fire pit, make sure you are well aware of all applicable laws, building standards, and dangers.
Here are five mistakes you’ll want to avoid when building your outdoor fireplace, fire pit or table.

1. Overlooking the Accessibility Aspect
Accessibility is fundamental to how you observe individuals gathered around the fire pit. Many fire pits have a width of between 36 and 44 inches (including the width of the walls), which makes them big enough for several people to gather around while still feeling cosy. Custom fire pits may be any size, but they must abide by any applicable municipal ordinances.

Do you envision a circle of seats around a fire pit with their feet resting on the fire pit? Then, you’ll need 12 to 14 inches between the wall’s base and its top. If you wish to sit near the edge of the fire pit, go up to 18 to 20 inches tall.

2. Not considering Backyard Traffic Flow
Make sure the location you pick for your fireplace, fire pit, or fire table is convenient to the action but not too close. For instance, you don’t want a fire blazing where the kids are playing ball, but you also don’t want it in a small yard area where it would be overlooked.

Consider how you use your yard and the best paths for traffic flow. Of course, if you’re having problems making a choice, a qualified designer might be able to take a look and offer some useful advice!

3. Using the Wrong Type of Stone
People also commit the second common blunder when constructing their fire pit using the incorrect sort of stone. For fire pits, you can start by selecting stones that can resist high heat.

Using the wrong stone will crack and break when exposed to high heat. The three types of rocks best for a fire pit are granite, limestone, and concrete.

4. Neglecting Safety Advice
Safety is the most important factor to consider while building a fire pit. To ensure that everyone who uses your fire pit does so risk-free and enjoyable, you must abide by the safety regulations.

If you plan to have a fire pit, be sure that it is not too close to your house and that there aren’t many explosives surrounding the hole.

5. Getting the Required Approvals
Fire pits are subject to regulation and classification by the local authorities and government, just like anything else, with potential harm. Zoning laws and safety regulations must typically be followed when establishing a custom-built fire pit.

You can either call the office in your region or look up the specifications your local government has established for preserving the security of your fire pit online.

At the end of the day, when you’re outdoors enjoying your fire pit, the design choices will affect safety, aesthetics and your overall satisfaction. Think of your outdoor living space like any other room in your home; good design and proper construction make all the difference.

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