Nothing is better than sitting in a circle around a beautiful fire pit during chilly winters. Fit pits not only light up your backyard but also the mood of your guests. They pave the way for spooky and interesting conversations while everyone enjoys their BBQ.

But picking any fire pit won’t justify your patio well. Amongst various fire pits Adelaide, you must choose the one that fits best in terms of style, material and location of your patio.

So, let us discuss these points in detail and help you make an informed decision:


Fire pits are more than just a piece of metal or concrete that helps contain the fire. It can also be the centre of attraction in the backyard.

There are many multifunctional and multi-level fire pits available in elaborate styles. You can even get pits that match the patio’s colour, design and size.

Since we are looking to invite a bunch of friends and relatives over, having a stylish patio will only give them a good impression of us.

The good news is that stylish fire pits are relatively inexpensive in Adelaide. You can get a stylish fire pit easily from $600-800.


The size of a fire pit should depend upon the space you have. Ideally, after keeping the fire pit in the centre, you must have at least 5-6 ft of space left on all sides to accommodate large chairs around it.

In stores, you can find fire pits that are 24-30 inches in diameter. But you can get a bigger size, up to 56 inches, in built-in fire pits.

Similarly, height also plays a major role here. If you want to rest your feet at a safe distance from the pit, then choose the one which is slightly lower than the standard 18-inch pit.


Another challenge while buying a fire pit is whether you want to place your pit permanently on your patio or if you would like to move it somewhere else during the summer.

Portable fire pits are made from lightweight metal that can be moved around at will, while permanent ones will act as an in-built feature in your patio.

While building a permanent pit, ensure that you leave a 48-inch space between the seating area and the centre so that additional seating arrangements can be made.


You can buy pits in various materials such as stone, metal and concrete. While every material has its ups and downsides, you must decide based on coordination, design and use.

For example, if you buy concrete, it can get stained easily. In contrast, an inappropriately built natural stone pit can crack if heated too much for too long.

However, ensure a decent budget when you go for more elaborate and sophisticated designs, which can cost up to $1200.

Final Thoughts

Buying a fire pit is a great idea to light up your winters. You can sit with your loved ones around it and have a lovely time. So, what are you waiting for? Visit the websites of fire pit vendors today and buy one for your patio.

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